Disc Golf Course Opens in Belconnen

ACT Deputy Chief Minister Yvette Berry recently attended the opening of ACT Disc Golf Club’s new course at John Knight Memorial Park in Belconnen.
“This great new course on the northside complements the existing disc golf course at Eddison Park in Woden to bring this easy, fun game to even more Canberrans. Canberra is Australia’s most active community and has a huge a variety of ways to participate in active recreation and play.” Ms. Berry commented “Many people have already been trying out this new course over the break, and I’d encourage everyone to have a go at this free, fun, family-friendly activity.”
ACT Disc Golf Club President Todd Nowack said the John Knight Park course is a welcome boost for the club and will attract new players to the sport.
“We’re very grateful for the funds received through the ACT Government’s Sport and Recreation Grants Program that assisted in the construction of the course,” Mr. Nowack commented “The nine basket, dual tee course was created to be beginner-friendly while also allowing more experienced players to challenge themselves. I’m also looking forward to being able to attract major events and elite players to Canberra to enjoy this new course.”
Mr. Nowack explained that Disc Golf is very similar to traditional golf, except instead of hitting a ball with a club into a cup, you throw a plastic disc into a metal basket. Nowack added that Disc Golf doesn’t need to be played in a structured or competitive way and is an excellent way to enjoy getting outside, active and healthy.