Navy Seals v Zombies

Director Stanton Barrett
Starring Ed Quinn, Michael Dudikoff, Rick Fox
Rated MA
Score 0/6

A team of highly skilled Navy SEALS find themselves embarking on the battle of their lives when they come face-to-face with the undead. After a deadly outbreak occurs in New Orleans, the SEALS must fight for their lives, and the city, against an army of zombies.

Considering the difficulties that associated with film making I suppose I should be lenient when it comes to movies that clearly where given a lower budget. Navy Seals: The Battle for New Orleans or as it also known as Navy Seals v Zombies is a movie that clearly needs to be afforded such leniency. I will credit this movie with having a simple plot and the barest amount flare that you can afford a low budget action movie through the use of security cameras and gun camera. Though this is an action/horror movie I firmly believe that is more of a comedy than anything else. It should be noted that this Stanton Barrett’s first movie as a director, Barrett is primarily known for his work as a stuntman, though Barrett did not anything to make the action sequences in this movie appear to be anything but bland. Normally with a movie like Navy Seals: The Battle for New Orleans I would reserve making any judgement about Mr. Barrett’s abilities as a director under the rule of 5. However, I am not entirely certain that this rule can be applied to Mr. Barrett considering that he did not offer the directing credit for this movie to Alan Smithee (yes I am aware Smithee has not worked since 2000).
Also, there are no decent performances by any of the actors cast movie, it should also be noted that the terms professional or highly skilled cannot be used when describing the Navy Seal team in this movie.