Submission rules

This Page was originally just for any thoughts, questions or queries that you might have about the movie boards. I still want this particular page to be for that but I am also going to take the opportunity to outline the kind of posts that I would like to see submitted. Now that I have started promoting so many users to contributors.

    • Movie reviews
    • Reviews of Movies that I have already reviewed
    • Book Reviews
    • Game Reviews

To submit a Review to The Movie Boards for review there are really only a few rules

  • Headings or Headlines should be as precise as possible – under 20 words –
  • No reviews of “Adult” Movies will be accepted
  • No posting of Game hacks or cheats
  • No posting of information on how to buy twitter followers
  • No posting of advertising, unless it has been posted by Me
  • Try to keep posts under 1000 words, preferably under 500 words
  • All reviews are to be scored out of 6. With a score of 6 being excellent and a score of 0 meaning don’t even bother
  • If you disagree with a movie review I have written, please post a review in the comments.
  • Articles with cheat codes to games will not be posted
    • When relying on figures in your article make sure that the figures that you are quoting are the most recent figures

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