Greens Call for Independent Misconduct Complaint Commission

The Australian Greens say that the McLachlan claims show it’s time for an independent misconduct complaint commission. News this morning that performer Craig McLachlan has been accused of sexual misconduct by a number of former colleagues shows women can’t wait for the industry to reform itself, Australian Greens media spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has said.
“The claims against Craig McLachlan are serious and demand to be investigated fully and thoroughly,” Senator Hanson-Young commented “But it’s clear this issue is bigger than any one personality or any one industry.”
Senator Hanson-Young explained that women need to be able to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct with the confidence that their allegations will be treated with the respect and seriousness they require. What’s required is an independent commission, able to receive reports and complaints, and provide advice on pathways forward.
“The media industry might not be the worst offender, but we need it to be the best responder. The Australian media industry’s role in reflecting our shared identity is diminished when only some of us feel safe contributing to it.” Senator Hanson-Young commented “Victims and survivors of sexual assault and misconduct have time and again come to their superiors and had their allegations dismissed, denied or disappear altogether. It’s a failure that’s been repeated for too long, and it’s a failure that requires action now.”