Indigo Lake

Director Martin Simpson
Starring Andrew Cutcliffe, Miranda O’hare, Marin Mimica, Pamela Shaw
Not Yet Rated
Rated 5/6

An artist is hired by a nightclub owner to paint a portrait of his beautiful wife. When the artist and wife fall in love, the nightclub owner’s jealousy erupts in violence. To save themselves, the lovers are driven to attempt his murder.

I find that when I sit down to watch an Australian movie, there is always a chance that I’m going to see at least one or two familiar faces that I have seen in another Australian movie, this time the movie was cast entirely with actors that I was completely unfamiliar with, this is also the first movie that I have watched directed by Martin Simpson. Though that being said when I looked into the filmographies of the stars of Indigo Lake it was good to see that star Miranda O’Hare got her start in the Canberra Youth Theatre.
Martin Simpson who also wrote went for a slow burn with the plot that culminated into the kind of climax I did not see coming and judging by the way I reacted in the moment it might have been a good thing that I did not catch this in a cinema. I also thought that Andrew Cutcliffe, Miranda O’Hare and Marin Mimica worked well together. Though there is a small that would have liked to have seen the relationship between Miranda O’Hare and Marin Mimica’s charactars explored further (Mimica played Kazak who beat his wife Ruby played by O’Hare). However, that being said knowing everything about the relationship between Kazak and Ruby would have taken away some of the mystery needed for a good noir movie.

Indigo Lake Melbourne Premiere