Merv Hughes BBQ Beer & B.S Interview

BBQ Beer & B.S., New Holland Publishers RRP $40.00 available from all good bookstores or online

A big thank you to Australian sporting legend Merv Hughes for taking the time to answer some questions about barbecuing and his cookbook BBQ Beer & B.S.

What is your philosophy for Barbecuing?
Fresh air, good friends and you’re outside with people you choose to spend time with- what could be better?!

What do you think influenced the Australian Barbecue to change from the charcoal sausage and well-done steak to fine dining?
I think people get bored with eating the same thing over again and it’s nice to go to a bit of effort and organise some lovely food.

When did you first start barbecuing?
I’m only 56 but far as long as I can remember- the footy club, cricket club there’s always a BBQ somewhere, a nice easy way to entertain!

Has your cooking been influenced by any of the reality-cooking shows on TV?

Absolutely, my stint in ‘I’m a celeb’ – an Ostrich testicle can come in handy when BBQ’ing for friends!!

What is your signature dish?
– Is it featured in the book?
No it’s not featured in the book but its chili prawns and it’s a secret recipe I’m afraid,

What dish in the book do you recommend that everybody try?
For a lighter serving, the chorizo and prawn skewers. And for something a bit more filling, the blue cheese stuffed burgers are fantastic.

Given that in the book you described Swampy (Geoff Marsh), Tubby (Mark Taylor) and Tugga (Steve Waugh) as hosting gold medal barbecues, what are their signature dishes?
Steak, sausage and burgers- pretty consistent across the board, we eat what we’re given!

What is your favorite beer to drink while barbecuing?
A craft beer at the moment, Dainton’s family brewery, Double Reds which are around 8.5% – try them if you dare.

What are the top tips that young people need to know before hosting their first Barbecue?
Don’t bite off more than you can chew- keep it basic, and don’t serve raw food! Understand how much food you need, better having too much as you’re better looking at it than for it!

According to you what are the definitive rules of backyard Cricket?
Without compromise, over the fence is 6 and out!!!