BBQ Beer & B.S

BBQ Beer & B.S., New Holland Publishers RRP $40.00 available from all good bookstores or online

Score 6/6

I know I don’t review a lot of books but with the Christmas and barbeque fast season approaching I just knew I had to have a look at Barbeque, Beer and B.S by Merv Hughes.

I can totally see BBQ, Beer and B.S. being given to dads across the country but I see this as being the perfect first cook book for teenagers and by parents whose children are moving out of home to ensure that their kids don’t come home for all their meals. Barbeque despite what some people might want you to think it really is an easy way to cook and to paraphrase what Merv said on the dedication page its all about having a go. I suppose my only complaint about this is that part of me was hoping for more anecdotes then there was, though it was good to see that all of them kept to the topic at Barbeque.

Now it should be noted that I haven’t tried all of the recipes (this was so that I could stop my beer barrel figure expanding any further) some recipes I thought that where of particularly note was the Kransky hotdog with caramelized onions, Steak and Blue Cheese on Turkish bread, Beer-marinated lamb rack, Sweet Potato Wedges and the Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw (which has a dressing I am not likely to forget about anytime soon). Cooking with this book I also discovered how versatile an ingredient like balsamic vinegar is.