An End to ATM Fess Globally for ING Australia

ING Australia will end ATM fees globally and drop its fees for international transactions made overseas or online. The changes apply to ING’s Orange Everyday transaction account and Orange One credit card. To take advantage of the new offer customers simply need to deposit at least $1,000 from an external source (e.g. salary) into their Orange Everyday account and (from 1 March 2018) also make at least five card purchases monthly.
“We want to reward our customers for making ING their main bank so today we’re announcing that eligible Orange Everyday account holders will pay no fees for domestic or global ATM withdrawals. We’re also dropping our fees for transactions made overseas or on international websites.” ING Australia’s head of retail banking, Melanie Evans commented “Orange One Credit Card holders can also benefit from zero ING fees for international purchases when shopping overseas, including online” Evans added.
Evans explained that the move follows changing travelling and spending habits by ING customers. Within the last 3 years the average international spend of an ING customer has grown 17%.
“We introduced no domestic ATM fees for qualifying Orange Everyday account customers in 2009. Fast forward to 2017 and we’re taking it a step further for our customers who are now spending more internationally,” Ms Evans commented.