Nine Community Gardens Share $40,000

Nine projects will share in $40,000 in funding under an expanded community garden grants program, Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury announced recently. Mr. Rattenbury said that community gardens play an increasingly important role in bringing people together and enabling people to grow their own healthy food, the gardens also improve our resilience to climate change and regional food security. The Minister pointed out that this is the third round of grants that have been run and it’s the first time we’ve expanded it to cater for the growing numbers of Canberrans now living in units and townhouses.
“I’m pleased two of the successful grants are for owners corporations of multi-unit developments – Hamilton Park in Lyneham and Sentinel Apartments in Belconnen – to develop community gardens. This will be a great addition for these complexes, help build a sense of community for their residents, as well as the potential for multi-unit residents to compost their organic and food waste.” Mr. Rattenbury commented.
Mr. Rattenbury went on to explain that as well as establishing new community gardens, the grants will go towards providing upgraded irrigation, replacing equipment and enhancing plantings in existing gardens. One of the successful projects will also be providing an insight into traditional Indigenous medicines.

The nine successful projects include:
• a new community garden at Hamilton Park in Lyneham
• a new multi-unit development community garden at Sentinel in Belconnen
• a new shed and tools for the Acton community garden run by the Canberra Environment Centre
• an extension to the irrigation system in the Mitchell community garden
• replacement of the worn and unsafe equipment and tools used at the Kingston community garden
• establishment of a Bogong Moth showcase garden in Narrabundah (bush tucker, medicinal plants)
• establishment of a Dickson Village Traders Association community garden
• development of an organic and sustainable garden to teach waste, carpentry and organic gardening methods at Manning Clarke House in Forrest
• extending the community orchard at O’Connor Tocumwal housing precinct.

Mr. Rattenbury said there are now more than 20 community gardens already established in Canberra. “The community gardens grants program has been a great success in helping establish and support our community gardens over the past few years with 13 projects previously funded. I look forward to seeing these nine new projects take shape over the coming months and encourage interested Canberrans to consider joining their local community garden.” Rattenbury commented.