4DX Cinema to open at Village Century City

Australia’s very first four-dimensional, 4DX cinema is set to open at Village Cinemas Century City in Melbourne’s south-east on Thursday 26 October 2017, just in time for the release of Thor: Ragnarok.
“We are continuously looking for ways to innovate, and build on our commitment to delivering a world of movie experiences to our guests that makes the movies more meaningful at the cinemas” General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mohit Bhargava commented.
Mr. Bhargava explained that the 4DX cinema will amplify the normal cinema-going experience introducing for the first time specially designed motion chairs that will move the audience to match the action on screen, and environmental effects such as wind, bubbles, fog, scent and lighting work in synchronism to bring the big screen to life.
“4DX will transform the way our guests will enjoy films and we’re so pleased to bring this opportunity to our customers, first. We have no doubt it’ll be an exciting experience for cinema buffs and families.” Bhargava commented.
“Our goal is to create memorable movie experiences, and 4DX harnesses the very latest in film exhibition technology to do just that. 4DX allows the audience to feel the film as it is happening, and provides a sensory cinematic experience unlike anything that can be had at home.” Adrian Witcombe, Head of Innovation & Strategy commented.

Additional upcoming titles screening in 4DX at Century City will include Justice League (November 16), Star Wars (December 14) and Jumanji (December 26).