SI launches film Sweden in 1min 46s

Swedish Institute (SI) has launched a new film showcasing different sides of Sweden directed by B-Reel’s Olof Lindh – titled “This is Sweden”.
“This is Sweden film showcases facets of life in Sweden ‘as is’. From generous paid parental leave and spontaneous skinny dipping to same sex marriages and summers that might turn rainy. This openness and honesty are important aspects of Sweden – our brand. We want to communicate an authentic feeling of what Sweden is like today”, says Johan Sundberg, project manager for the film at SI.
“We’ve chosen a documentary method, shooting with real people in real situations rather than professional actors, to capture a true and multifaceted glimpse of life in Sweden.” Lindh commented.
Alice Boman’s melancholic song Waiting helps convey the feeling further and the artist supports the video’s open message: “I’m proud to represent Sweden, the parts of Sweden this film highlight.”